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"How this eczema cream changed our life"

I developed our eczema cream after being unable to find an effective solution for my young sons eczema struggle.  I created an eczema cream that helped Ryan and now thousands of eczema sufferers around the world. Our C+ Eczema Cream contains powerful natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Calendula and Gotu  Kola to provide 6 hours of skin hydration and reduce inflammation for eczema sufferers.

Geoff Graham, Co-founder

Natural skin care for children

We know first hand how difficult it is to watch your children suffer from a skin condition such as eczema or dry itchy skin . That’s why we developed a range of all natural eczema creams and products, just for your kids.

Baby Derma Skin Care

We believe that your baby's delicate skin needs to be cared for with the utmost natural products available. That is why we have created a natural Baby Derma Range to help protect, nourish and moisturize your baby's skin. 

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