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      Rosacea Essentials Pack

      Grahams Natural Rosacea pack combines all of the essential products for your Rosacea. The pack includes our Rosacea Cream and our Natural Daily Facial Wash for only $29.95!

      This is the perfect combo to help get your Rosacea under control. With clinically tested ingredients to help control redness, inflammation and hydrate the skin.  

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Rosacea cream

      Wonderful cream. So soothing and my rosacea has calmed down a lot. Love it

      Ream and cleanser

      Using the cream both as cleanser and moisturiser and cleanser, not a great improvement in colouring, however, certainly,y not making it worse with no burning, so that’s a plus for me.

      the cleanser...cannot use, burns badly with a violent red reaction. Not unusual for me with most cleansers. So will continue to use the rosacea cream as cleanser.

      Rosacea cream and foaming cleanser

      I have been using both these products for over 2 weeks now. I use in the morning and before I go to bed. I do not wash the Rosacea cream off anymore as I am not having a reaction from it. My Rosacea has improved slightly, I am hopeful that it will continue to improve.

      This stuff really works!!!

      Purchased the Rosacea Essentials Pack for my partner a couple of weeks ago. He has dreadful rosacea on his face and has tried everything to treat it over many years, including prescription drugs and creams. Nothing worked...until now! After using both products twice daily for two weeks his skin is the best it's ever been and he no longer looks like he has perpetual sunburn and pimples. Brilliant!

      Rosacea Pack

      I bought this pack to treat my husband's Rosacea which seemed to be getting worse, not only affecting his cheeks but spreading to his eyebrows and forehead. After using the Foaming Facial Cleanser for 3/4 days, his skin became much more sensitive and sore...he had a bad flare-up and his skin peeled. He stopped using the cleanser but has persisted with the Rosacea cream and his skin has now settled right down. I've just had a look at his face ! One cheek has almost cleared completely, the other one still has a red patch but is much better and his forehead is also better although a bit dry. He is happy to continue using the cream but obviously the cleanser is not suitable for his skin.