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Love this product. This cream have clear my baby eczema

Just received the product but was not packed very well. The pump was broken and the product leaked out.


At 3 months old, my baby started having dry skin patches and cradle cap that started turning into oozing wounds and then into a staph infection. I tried so many different creams and lotions, baths and even steroid creams with relief that lasted only a few days. After seeing the testimonials, I caved in and bought the baby eczema pack from Grahams Naturals and I am absolutely SHOCKED at how quickly my baby boys skin healed. With a few days, his oozing wounds closed and after a week of using the trio, his cradle cap is completely gone and skin is as soft as ever with just a little redness. Thank you Grahams for creating this amazing product and giving my baby the relief we have been desperately seeking.

Love this product only gave it 4 stars because I wish the packaging was better… all 4 bottles had shampoo leaking from it.. maybe steal it like the lotions and send the pumps separately

I have contact dermatitis on my eyelids . This helps to keep them moisturized. I just wish there was something to cure it .

The shampoo doesn‘t do much for me. The cream is hydrating but it‘s not worth it for the price. Would not recommend it.


My daughter has been using this product for 17 years - I went through many different products when she was first diagnosed as anaphylactic and suffering from bad eczema. This is the ONLY product which worked and still works. It used to be in a yellow tube so in our home, it's called "Yellow Cream"

Wish they sold this product in Canada. Found it helps so much with my inflared skin due to Eczema. Helps it make it more manageable. Thank goodness I came across this product :)

product came delivered with cream oozing out from dispensing pump

This is the best cream for soothing my eczema! I've tried many others and this is my pick!

Didn’t help with psoriasis

This product is incredible. Love putting a capful in my bath - has helped my eczema skin tremendously.

The only cream we've found that significantly helps my daughter's eczema.

Not effective and overpriced

Didn't help my eczema around the eyes and even left burning sensation

Didn't work for me. Made my dry flaky eyelids burn and swell

I love this


The smell is not my favorite, but the product has helped my baby's skin a lot, so I can ignore the smell.
Thank you 🫶

Sore eyes

I have been experiencing really sore dry patches around my eyes. I have been using Grahams for 6 weeks now, I can see some slight improvements but my sore patch is still there. However, I will continue to use to see if I have further improvements.

Used for over a week, clearing eczema up nicely


My dad had terrible pain on his face his eyes would sting and his forehead and eyes would be red and itchy we tried everything until I found grahams face and eyelids and let me tell you it did not disappoint it’s been over a month using it and his face is back to normal and no more pain. I highly recommend this companies products.

A revelation

I had been using hydrocortisone on my eyelids periodically for a number of years, something you shouldn't do. I just couldn't find anything else that worked. Took a punt on this face & eyelid cream and it has been so good that it's allowed me to stop using hydrocortisone entirely. I didn't think it would, but it actually has.

I have tried so many products for eczema and this cream is a miracle!!! I cannot believe how well it has worked. My eczema was almost 100% cleared up within two days. 

One month update

The holy grail! Is actually been two months since my last review and I still continue to use. Small amount goes along way. Looks at the difference on my sweet boy.