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Relief For Granddaughter

We purchased the starter kit for severe eczema, this is a miraculous product, it has provided her with relief that we were unable to get from any prescription medicine she has been given. She no longer has cracks in the folds of her feet and arms, she is 4 and looks forward to getting it put on! We just signed up for reoccurring shipments. We are so impressed with your product it’s truly amazing! Thank you!!!!

Questions ?

can we use this for our face ?

Hi Dani, Yes! You can use this for the entire body and even for the hair as a shampoo. It is very gentle and excellent for sensitive skin. Shannon

Baby body wash with oil and C Cream are amazing !!

So my Grandson is having amazing results with these products . He went from having a red , sore and sometimes bleeding face to hardly being able to notice it . You only need a small amount and get amazing results ! Thank you again Grahams Natural . I will be putting my order in again this weekend for more body wash 😊 and a few others to try . I added a before and after pic of my grandson, to see the difference.


My daughter was 3 month old when she started having eczema on her tummy doctor prescribed steroids I used it was using eucerin eczema bath and lotion it was temporarily relief. Oats bath but didn’t work. I Went to dermatologist he prescribed steroid more strong dose. He said we can’t do allergy test because she is too little when she will turn 2 year old you can get her allergy test done. Eczema pretty common in kids just give her bath every other day. It same time I ordered Graham’s products watched videos on TikTok. Price is little pricey but If she feeling better I’m ok with it her health and comfort more important. I order it. It’s been 10 days no redness on the skin back get cleared up applying morning and night time giving her bath oil 5-10 minutes she doing great I’m gonna share after and before pictures. Delivery take little long. Now I’m gonna order 2-3 month supply. Her skin is still get dry but there no redness patches on her skin hopefully get more better soon. Thank you so much ☺️

Very effective

I was very pleased with this cream. I used it on some patches on the eyelids and under the eyes where the skin was very red and dry.
Nothing else had worked, apart from steroid cream, which worked well, but then the redness broke out again. I didn't want to keep using steroids, so got the Graham's cream.
After a few applications of the Graham's cream the skin was back to normal and I haven't had another outbreak. Would definitely recommend.

Hi Vicki, thank you so much for your testimonial on the Face & Eyelid cream. We are very pleased to hear how well it worked for you and that you were able to stop using steroids!

It’s Works! As A Mom I Highly Recommend!

My infant baby was totally fine, but then when she turned 2 months old she started developing a “rash” on her cheeks and small patches on her arms, legs, back and stomach. According to her dr and everyone else it was because of her spit up ect. Her dr said it would go away on its own but 2 months later she finally recommended to put hydrocortisone cream 1% 2-3 times a day because it’s was getting worse and the small patches were overtaking her tiny cheeks. (I was so concerned about putting the cream because of the chemicals & steroids but my mom heart couldn’t handle watching my baby cry and scratch herself because she was soooo itchy and her scratching at it made it flare up even worse). The dr recommend I wash her face every night & then apply the regular hydrating cream on her cheeks since that’s where it was really bad (I used gold bond eczema creams) & a little cortisone. I literally saw results and her cheeks were about 70% better the next day & the ones on her body’s were completely gone and the 2nd day it was completely gone from her cheeks too. BUT it came back HARD a week later, I realized it came back because I wasn’t applying as much cortisone as I did in the beginning. I DID NOT like this, also I realized 2 weeks later that washing her skin daily was NOT doing good but only keeping it moist and not letting the eczema heal. I then started searching for holistic remedies & I started the oatmeal baths it WORKED for a little while. But it kept coming back, one week would be perfect no signs and then it would come back hardcore! I felt helpless, until I searched on TikTok lol yes TikTok and I came across the page that promotes this cCream lotion and I saw how the kids and the woman literally had their eczema cleared and well as a mom feeling helpless I decided to give it a shot.

As soon as I got it I applied it to clean skin (I mixed it with the gold bond Eczema, 1% cortesone & cCream lotion) I applied it 2-3 times a day and it was gone within days. I actually saw results it did not disappear the next day but the rash/eczema patch was shrinking & got SMALLER slowly disappearing! I was so happy! And till they day it’s gone! There are moments it flares up a little when she gets something sticky and isn’t cleaned off fast but it never gets crazy anymore I immediately apply the cCream & a little cortisone and the eczema/rash is GONE within a day. The eczema/patches on her body are completely gone and have never came back since. My baby is 1, I’m so happy I can’t imagine my baby going through it with those aching itchy cheeks. (When I say it flares up some time I mean like randomly sometimes months go bay and nothing). Yes she may have outgrown it like her doctor says but I STRONGLY believe that cCream eczema cream is what help my baby! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Was wondering if first day applied does it show the flakes in the skin?

Psoriasis Cream
gurleen k.
Atopic dermatitis

Hi there, i have a atopic dermatitis! Can you pls recommend me something for that.I am living in canada Can u ship to canada as well? Pls reply me! I have searched your page nd thought of eczema free life!!

Helps with TSW

This cream has helped tremendously with the dry red patches on my arms from TSW. I started to see a difference within three days. I will definitely keep buying this cream!

I'm so grateful to have found this!

I've suffered from eczema for several years now. I expressed my concerns about constantly using steroid creams to my dermatologist and she told that "one man's poison is another man's treasure." After quite some time I stopped responding to steroid injections/creams. I've seen so many others on social media that are going through TSW, and it scared me. I came across Grahams Natural products and all the results looked amazing. I'm not one to fall for it, so I did some research and decided I wanted to give it a try, go the more natural route before I too suffered from TSW! Now, I know everyone responds differently, but I must say, that after only using this cream twice daily for 7 days, my itchiness is 100% gone, and the redness is about 50% gone! In fact, I just ordered the Therapeutic Pack in the largest size available! I wanted to get a head start as it takes a couple of weeks to reach me in the USA and I DID NOT want to run out! Plus, I feel that after a few more uses it will get even better! Thanks to you all for sharing your products so that others can have relief!! Keep up your good works!!

Hi Jenn,
Thank you so much for your glowing comment!
We are thrilled to be able to help your skin, the natural way. For us, customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance, so to read your review really helps the team know that we are on the right track.
We can't wait to see your results!

it works

I have mild rosacea and these are the only products that have done anything to mitigate it. My nose is no longer sore and the redness it greatly lessened. As a bonus the face wash and moisturizer have made my entire face feel smoother. I use both products twice a day.

Hi Joan!
We are so pleased to hear that we have been able to assist your skin.
Rosacea can be a pesky condition, so we are so glad that we have been able to minimise yours!

Best cream ever

Bought for my 16 month old who was suffering badly with eczema everywhere, worked wonders, non steroid and reduces redness and dryness quickly and effectively. Couldn’t rate this product higher, best one we’ve tried! Only downside is that it isn’t sold in the UK, wish it was!!

This stuff actually works for eczema!!!!

This product is absolutely amazing! We seen it on Tic Tok and thought we would give it a try . Our grandson is 2 and has eczema really bad on his face, hands, legs and feet and this cleared it up so much that he is comfortable and you can barely notice the eczema anymore . It’s expensive but works very good ! I will definitely be re purchasing this product for him on a monthly basis .

Hi Carrie, That is so wonderful to hear that the eczema creams worked so well on your grandson skin! We love Tik Tok for spreading awareness about eczema! We are so glad we found you! Shannon :)

Eczema Lotion

AMAZING. My babygirl is almost 2 and has never had a problem with her skin until this year. She would get a few minor eczema outbreaks that we could easily manage with Aquaphor. When spring hit and the allergies came in full force, her little body BROKE OUT. All my tricks were not working. I wanted to avoid steroid creams and medications as much as possible. My mom did some hardcore research and found Grahams all natural site. I am HOOKED. I don't even have to apply it every day, her little skin loves it so much. Lifetime buyer over here! THANK YOU!

Hi Grace, that is incredible! We are so happy to hear how well the products worked for your daughter and for sharing her journey. Shannon :)

Shampoo for psoriasis

My scalp has cleared up brilliantly I haven't seen. It as clear in years

freshness to my scaly scalp

I have scalp psoriasis and using this after a salicylic acid based shampoo brings my scalp itch free comfort, would highly recommend to people with scalp psoriasis !

Hi Gavan, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the scalp relief shampoo is providing you with relief from scalp psoriasis. Shannon :)

My Face Finally Feels Moisturized

This is my 3rd time coming back to Grahams Natural because this is the moisturizer I've been looking for! My face finally feels like it's getting the moisture I needs. The lotion is thick and creamy but it is quickly absorbed. I've tried moisturizers that seemed thicker and oiler but after about 30 minutes my face felt like it had no moisture! Graham's lotion gives my skin that just right plumb feeling. It also helps with the redness on my face. I highly recommend this product.

Hi Phylis, Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that our moisturizing lotion has met helped so much and is providing the moisture your face needs. We recommend using it as a day or night cream, depending on your skin type. It is also thick and creamy, so it absorbs quickly. Thanks for choosing Grahams!


My 3-year old daughter has really bad eczema on her eyelids. I’ve tried everything and this cleared it up. I also tried a bit on her hand and it cleared it up faster than any prescribed steroid medication. I will continue to repurchase.

Hi Bea Thank you for your review. We are so happy to hear that our baby eczema cream is working for your daughter!

Amazing Product.. my holy grail!

I have suffered from scalp psoriasis since I was 18. Im 42 now and have tried everything from painful steroid shots to tar shampoo you name it Ive tried it! The psoriasis cream is the only product that has actually worked immediately! It lasts for days on my skin no itching or flaking! I live in Texas and summers are brutal and could never wear my hair up, this summer Im wearing it up! Life changing for me! Thx u for creating such an amazing product.

Hi Diana,
Amazing! Thank you so much for letting us know how well the products worked for your scalp psoriasis! :)


I only used this cream for a few days and saw instant results! Nothing else ever worked for me, and ive honestley never been happier.

Acne Wash
Nice smell works well

So far I like the acne wash, works well and smells nice. I have cystic acne and it doesn't touch it but the small pimples and black head have gone down. My face doesn't feel dry or irritated. Good for sensitive skin for sure

Hi Lessa, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the acne wash is working well for you and that it doesn't cause any irritation or dryness. Shannon

Great product!

The Grahams C+ cream and Hand Cream has helped more than most prescription and non-prescription creams that I have tried. During a week off from work, I applied the C+ cream and hand cream several times daily and the eczema completely cleared up. Unfortunately, when I returned to work the harsh chemicals in the soap and stress seemed to cause a flare up and very dry skin. I still stand by Grahams because it has been the most effective for the eczema. I am about to order more...

Hi Evelyn, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the Grahams C+ cream and Hand Cream is helping you resolve your eczema. We hope that you continue to use it and find relief from your symptoms. Please don't forget to use code THANKYOU15 for 15% off all full priced items! Shannon

We love this product!

My only wish is that shipping wasn’t so long. I’m going to order another lotion the bath oil is so good too though!

Hi Kayla, We are so pleased to hear that you love our products! We are working on getting on products in the USA so it will be easier and quicker to purchase! Shannon


I’ve seen two different dermatologist and try to bunch of different steroid creams and this is the only cream and oil that works and gets rid of my eczema year-round amazing product!

Hi Logan, Thank you for your 10/10 review!
We are thrilled to hear that our product is helping you get rid of your eczema year-round. Shannon

Best cream for baby eczema

My daughter had a mild case of eczema that started around 4 months of age. We tried everything. After the bath she would cry when we put any other baby lotion on her due to the alcohol. A friend sent me to Grahams and we have ordered 3 to 4 at a time every 5-6 months. Great product!!!

Hi Ashley, Thank you for sharing your experience with Baby Eczema Cream and for being such a wonderful customer! We're so pleased to hear that it's been helpful for your daughter and that you've been able to keep her eczema under control with this cream. Shannon