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Shipping protection covers packages that are lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

Coverage will take effect immediately until packages are marked as delivered by designated postal service.

Customer Reviews

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My eczema started to get really bad and decided to try the eczema pack. I used everything in the kit and after about ten days my eczema cleared up.

Henry B.
Grahams prioity processing

I have had just 3 deliveries from Grahams, they all arrived within 3-4 days (I do not keep stats on these) which is quite acceptable, as I reorder well before my stock is exhausted. I have no idea how Grahams set delivery priorities and thus my sample size of 3 is the only useful data that I have to evaluate Grahams performance. I can say that the Psoriasis Cream that I use is very effective and that I am fully satisfied with Grahams service. Five star from me.

Marianna H.

My son has had eczema since he was a baby and as he got older it kept getting worse. I tried everything steroid creams, aquaphor, and other store bought eczema creams and nothing worked. I found graham's natural on tik tok and when I tell you the bath and body oil saved my baby's skin is an understatement! His skin has never been smoother and he no longer scratches and makes himself bleed. This is a life saver!

Hi Marianna, thank you so much for sharing your son's eczema journey! We are so pleased to hear that you found us on Tik Tok! The Body & Bath Oil is essential for helping with eczema flares and hydrating the skin. We thank you so much reviewing the product as this may help someone else who may be unsure about our brand and if it works! :) Shannon