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    Manuka Honey Collection

    Manuka Honey

    Country of Origin: New Zealand

    What it does?

    Manuka Honey has several anti-bacterial & healing properties. It helps inflammation on the skin and boosts your immune system. It has 4x the amount of nutrients content compared to normal honey. 

    Products containing Manuka Honey: 

    Therapeutic Skin Care Pack from $29.95 USD $79.90 USD
    Psoriasis Cream from $23.95 USD
    Scalp Relief Care Pack $29.95 USD $36.90 USD
    Natural Shampoo $14.95 USD
    Acne Pack $22.95 USD $29.95 USD
    Natural Body Wash $15.95 USD
    Sooth-it Gel $14.95 USD
    Acne Gel $15.95 USD
    Natural Hair Care Pack $23.95 USD $29.90 USD
    Dry Skin Saviour Pack $59.95 USD $71.80 USD