Environmentally Friendly

How Grahams strive to protect the Earth!

At Grahams Natural Alternatives we strive to do our part to help the planet. 
One way that we do this is by choosing packaging resources that help to reduce our carbon footprint.
We choose to use recyclable materials including cardboard postage boxes and biodegradable packing foam, to aid our sustainability approach.
This means that over the years, we have helped our customers to divert tonnes of waste from landfill!
Check out the below video to view some ideas on how to reuse our cardboard postage boxes!

What about recycling the packaging foam that comes inside the boxes?

There are a number of methods to dissolve the biodegradable pieces including:
- flush them down a toilet
- disolve in water and throw in garden
- wash down sink

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to dissolve them!