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      Organic Cradle Cap Oil

      Our Natural Organic Cradle Cap Oil is a 100% oil formula to help with the treatment of cradle cap. It offers a purifying, soothing and anti-irritating action for the most vulnerable areas.

      • Our oil has been specially formulated to facilitate the removal of the milk crust and other sebaceous-scaly conditions of the newborn. It helps to improve the appearance of the crust and works to regulate sebum production, limiting its development.


        • 100% oil formula
        • Improves the appearance of cradle cap
        • Regulates sebum production to treat the condition
      • Apply several drops of the cradle cap oil onto the scalp using the dropper. Lightly massage into the scalp and leave to act overnight. The next morning, we recommend washing out with the Grahams Natural Baby Hair & Body Wash.

        You can also gently comb through the hair with the supplied comb to remove any excess flakes.

      • Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil, Rosemary Oil

      cradle cap oil 

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      A Must Have

      I searched high and low for a gentle Organic oil I could trust on my new born babies dry, sensitive head. This saved my daughter from developing cradle cap. I applied a tiny bit a few times a day and generally rubbed it into my babies dry scalp. once a week, I would apply a lot and shampoo out. My daughter would have developed cradle cap, but didn’t because of this beautiful light weight natural oil, I love it so much, every new baby needs a bottle near by. I totally recommend, it and would never use any other product.