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What is Class I Medical Device?

When searching within the skincare realm, a lot of terminology gets thrown around and can often confuse people. At Grahams we aim to educate our consumers about skincare and skin problems to further help them in deciding what is best suited for them.


Grahams Natural works tirelessly to provide consumers with naturally formulated products that utilise natural ingredients that are clinically tested. We hold a range of products within our Therapeutic range that are registered as Class I Medical Device. To ensure Grahams is always advancing and meeting the above standard as being the specialists in the natural treatment of skin problems, Class I Medical Device products were developed.


So what is a Class 1 Medical Device?

A Class 1 Medical product is a product that’s ingredients are required to be clinically tested. This not only ensures that the ingredients are formulated for the specific skin condition we are claiming, but also gives the user of the product confidence in using Grahams products for the intended purpose. These products considered to be Class 1 Medical Device are our C+ creams, Rosacea cream, Psoriasis creams, Baby Eczema cream, Nappy rash cream, Baby Eczema body and bath oil, Diabetic foot cream


How Does Class 1 Medical Device products give you confidence?

When a product is considered a Class I Medical Device, the user can have confidence in the product as the ingredients are required by law to be clinically tested. These ingredients are tested specifically for the skin condition that the product is aiming to help with. The user can have full confidence in the product knowing that the ingredients have been clinically tested and are constructed to treat the particular skin condition.  


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