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How your mood affects your skin!

As people, we naturally change moods depending on different elements that happen in our lives. Did you know that those moods have a great effect on your skin?

When you are angry or stressed - your skin is likely to respond by being red, inflamed or can even flare up rosacea or psoriasis. Whereas if your happy and calm, your skin is likely to maintain is radiance and clarity. The more you understand how your skin affects your mood, the more you can understand why skin is not only a physical factor but a psychological factor. 

Our moods have a large part to play in the effect of our skin as the chemicals released from our moods influence how our skin heals and rejuvenates itself. Our moods can range from various negative and positive emotions that change the way in which our skin heals.

Negative Moods and the skin:

Negative emotions such as depression, stress and anxiety have an unfavorable effect on your skin. Emotions like stress or anger cause not only an increase in cortisol (which is the hormone linked to belly fat and insomnia) but they trigger the release of inflammatory mediators. These Mediators are responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin, leading to increased wrinkling, laxity and aging.

Positive Moods and the skin:

Positive emotions such as joy and happiness release endorphins and neurotransmitters that reduce inflammation in the skin. This increases blood flow to the face. This increased blood flow often results in the GLOW we see on our skin.

Overall, negative emotions can lead to the increase of conditions like flushing or rosacea or an increase in oil production leading to psoriasis, eczema or acne conditions.

The connection between skin and mind or emotions is a vital and important one that needs more attention. Many people don’t understand that the impact their emotions have not only on their body but on their skin could be detrimental to their skin’s longevity and health. Understanding that emotions in life are inevitable, it is important that the products you place on your skin are of high quality to aid in the replenishment of the skin when we go through these emotions.

Natural products with authentic, active ingredients are some of the most important products to own. Having these active ingredients working on your skin will provide you skin with some relief from these harsh emotional strains.


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