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How our sunscreen protects the ocean!

Protecting our oceans

Do you think much about the impact your actions have on the world around you? These days most of us do think a little more about it, whether we worry or not, but there are many things that we are doing that might harm the Earth without us ever thinking twice about it.

Of course most of us are aware that our the chemicals we are using usually ends up in lakes and oceans. For some of us this urges us to use natural cleaning agents that won’t cause any harm to the environment. However, there are a lot more things to think about than just cleaners.

Did you know that even the sunscreen you wear is harmful for the environment? I know it sounds crazy. You just wear it and then you don’t see it again so it feels like it is all absorbed. Of course it isn’t, though, which is how it protects your skin from the sun.

Unfortunately, many of the chemicals that are used to protect your skin have an opposite effect on marine life. In fact they can be downright harmful or even deadly. Still, you may not think your little bit of sunscreen would cause a big problem. But...

Think of all the people wearing sunscreen in the summer. You go to the beach and most of the people there are wearing it. What happens after you go for a swim? You must put more sunscreen on: because your sunscreen washed off in the water and look what happens.

With the number of people at the beach, not to mention the people everywhere spending time outdoors wearing sunscreen and then showering it off, it adds up to a lot of chemicals that are entering our water! Studies have shown that these chemicals really are having a terrible effect on life underwater.

A reef friendly sunscreen is certainly the best option for people who want to avoid harming the environment. Before you ever thought about the dangers posed by cosmetics the thought of biodegradable sunscreen was probably absurd. Now, though, you will hopefully think differently.

One of the big problems with sunscreen lotions is that it is often made with oils that do not break down. Instead they build up in the water and cause problems for plants and animals.

This is such a problem that there are certain tourist destinations and other travel venues that require you to use a natural sunscreen! Examples of these are in some tropical and other beach type areas as well as cruise lines. Reef friendly sunscreen will not do any damage when it is deposited into the water.

Why not choose one that is good for the environment? After all, what is good for Mother Earth is most often good for us, too, and is good for us in the long run! So not to brag, but our SunClear reef friendly natural sunscreen is your best option when it comes to choosing a sunscreen! 

We have specifically designed our sunscreen for those who suffer from eczema & psoriasis and have made in conjunction with our best selling Natural Eczema C+ Cream!


How is it so good? 

1. 2 Hour Water Resistant!

2. Reef Friendly, Natural, Environmentally safe & Biodegradable

3. SPF 30+ UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum!

4. Microfine Zinc Oxide - Goes on clear!