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How our Hydrating Night Cream can help revitalize your skin!

Ever suffer from skin thirst, knowing your skin is dry and tight. These are common problems that everyone encounters daily and something that Grahams Hydrating Night Cream can help with!


Grahams Natural Hydrating Night Cream revitalizes the skin through the naturally sourced ingredients that work together to not only smooth the skin but to replenish valuable oils and hydration lost throughout the day.


So, what are these miracle hydrating ingredients?


Coffee Extract: Coffee contains a multitude of antioxidants that help protect the skin against UV rays while calming red and inflamed skin through its stimulant nature. Coffee extract is also a great acne fighting antioxidant


Olive Butter: Olive butter contains the same powerful antioxidants and moisturizing properties as olive oil however is the consistency of thick butter to provide the skin with a thick, nourished layer of moisture. Olive butter is a great night cream ingredient as it deeply hydrates the skin while you get your beauty sleep.


Shea Butter: Any known skincare fanatic knows that Shea Butter is one of the miracle ingredients in any skincare product. Shea Butter aids in providing the skin with an anti-inflammatory layer that is known to reduce facial redness and swelling. Shea Butter is also full of emollient properties such as rich tree-nut oils that ultimately soak into the skin creating a thick smooth moisture barrier.


Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Almond oil is a great ingredient for keeping the skins appearance looking youthful. Sweet Almond Oil is known for strengthening the skins cells and aiding in the protecting from UV rays and radiation. The fatty acids in the oil aid in retaining the moisture on the skins surface.


The Grahams Natural Hydrating Night Cream combines all these ingredients to replenish the skins moisture levels, improving the skins texture and ultimately leaves the skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.